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Postat pe 15 mai 2006

Art.Nr. BN029 be quiet! Dark Power PRO, BQT P6-PRO-430W - Pret 359 RON / 3.590.000 ROL TVA inclus

Sursa be quiet! Dark Power PRO, BQT P6-PRO-430W primeste un nou premiu


Pentru traducerea paginilor din limba germana folositi dictionarul on-line google


Cele mai noi produse de pe siteul nostru, cu descrierile complete si preturile finale le gasiti la sectiunea Noutati


Sursele LC-Power, seria Silent Giant (cu fan de 14 cm) si Scorpio (cu cable management) acum si in Romania.

Art.Nr. N0075 LC-Power Power Supply Silent Giant V.2 420W, 140mm Fan - Pret 190 RON / 1.900.000 ROL TVA inclus

Art.Nr. N0076 LC-Power Power Supply Silent Giant V.2 550W, 140mm Fan - Pret 230 RON / 2.300.000 ROL TVA inclus


Art.Nr. N0074 LC-Power Scorpio FREE-PLUG ATX 2.0 480W, 120mm Fan - Pret 295 RON / 2.950.000 ROL TVA inclus


Postat pe 01 aprilie 2006

Art.No.: RL042 Revoltec Fan "Dark Blue", 92x92x25 mm, 4 x blue LED - Pret 25 RON / 250.000 ROL TVA inclus
Art.No.: RL043 Revoltec Fan "Dark Red", 92x92x25 mm, 4 x red LED - Pret 25 RON / 250.000 ROL TVA inclus


REVOLTEC completeaza gama de ventilatoare DARK cu ventilatoare de 92mm

Ventilatoarele vor fi disponibile in curand, sunt de culoare rosie sau albastra cu cate 4 leduri rosii respectiv albastre.

Technical data:
  • Fan colour: red/blue
  • LED colour: red/blue
  • Size: 92 x 92 x 25 mm
  • Operating voltage: 12 V
  • Rated speed: 1500 RPM/min
  • Air flow rate: 30.0 cfm
  • Noise level: 21.5 dB(A)
  • Bearing type: sleeve bearing

The scope of supply includes:
  • 92 mm fan - Dark Red
  • 3-pin-to-4-pin adapter cable
  • Fastening material

Postat pe 01 aprilie 2006

07. - 09,04,2006 - The Summit, town hall Osnabrueck - Germany

Revoltec participates also and drawn by lots as one of the gold sponsors to the luxury LAN The Summit valuable special prices:

The Summit takes place from 7. to 9 April 2006 with 1218 participants in the town hall Osnabrueck. Inlet is at Friday starting from 17:00 o'clock and end on Sunday at 16:00 o'clock.

The luxury LAN - the " The Summit" stands out in many points against a usual LAN party:

The location
Been because of the lock park, is particularly noble: Parquet and carpet floors, air conditioning system, padded chairs and high-quality tables produce a comfortable Ambiente. There is two place categories, once the parquet and the loge. Additionally still the large Buffet can be ordered on Saturday afternoon.

Lying places
Our lying places are something for the fastidious Zocker. The surcharge of 20 EUR is worthwhile itself for all those, which would like to have specially much place, free view of the canvas and the parquet. The table width amounts to 120cm per place and the passage in the back is specially broad. To be silent completely of the 6 meters, which the loge over the parquet floats.

In a separate cinema hall in the context of the Coverage the most important plays the Top clan are demonstrated. On the The Summit III the Coverage was so desired that the area from all seams place. In the meantime also motion picture films are demonstrated here.


Postat pe 01 aprilie 2006

NFS Most Wanted driving school - EA, Revoltec & be quiet! start new profit play

Test your road performance in the Wilkinson Cup and win you a Tuning for your old computer. Closer details for the participation and drawing by lots find you here -->

more info: www.electronic


Postat pe 27 martie 2006

In curand sursele be quiet! Seria Dark Power si Dark Power PRO in Romania

Calitate Extrema - Silentiozitate - Design Deosebit - Garantie 3 ani



review Xtreme Resources


Postat pe 27 martie 2006

The New be quiet! PSU: Dark Power PRO 430, 530 & 600 Watt

Art.Nr. BN029 be quiet! Dark Power PRO, BQT P6-PRO-430W - Pret 359 RON / 3.590.000 ROL TVA inclus
Art.Nr. BN030 be quiet! Dark Power PRO, BQT P6-PRO-530W - Pret 428 RON / 4.280.000 ROL TVA inclus
Art.Nr. BN031 be quiet! Dark Power PRO, BQT P6-PRO-600W - Pret 580 RON / 5.800.000 ROL TVA inclus

The Dark Power Pro develops optimum power and is once again setting new standards in term of noise emission, quality, economy and voltage stability. You’ll be particularly pleased with the numerous advantages of its three superlative performance packages: Top Efficiency, Thermo-Control and Service Plus. Removable cables and Intel ATX 12 V 2.2 are, of course, standard features.

Technical Data

  • ATX12V Version 2.2
  • 24 Pin Mainboard Connector with adapter to 20 Pin
  • 2x PCI-Express Connectiors (SLI compatible)
  • 6x SATA Connections on two wiring harnesses
  • 8x 4 Pin Connectiors (HDD)
  • 1x 3 Pin Connectiors (FDD)
  • 1x 120mm Silent fans
  • Active PFC with PF up to 0,99
  • 2 separate 12V Connections
  • P4 and P8 Connnector
  • 3x 3 Pin Molex fan Connectors
  • Specification: +3,3V: 26A, +5V: 28A, +12V1: 20A, +12V2: 20A, -5V: 0,5A, -12V: 0,8A, +5VSB: 2,5A


Postat pe 27 martie 2006

Art.No.: RL040 Revoltec Fan "Lightwriter" with Temperature Display - Pret 55 RON / 550.000 ROL TVA inclus

primeste premiul

Tom's Hardware Readers' Choice Awards in 2005


la sectiunea Best Computer Case Accessory



Revoltec Lightwriter Video 1 (.AVI)
Revoltec Lightwriter Video 1 (.WMV)
Revoltec Lightwriter Video 2 (.AVI)
Revoltec Lightwriter Video 2 (.WMV)


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